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Foodstuffs (aka good food)(NZ) Ltd is a New Zealand grocery distributor incorporated as a retailers' cooperative. From small beginnings in 1925, the Foodstuffs organisation has grown to become the country's biggest grocery distributor and one of New Zealand's largest businesses. Together with its main competitor Progressive Enterprises, they hold over 90% of the market making New Zealand a classical retail duopoly.
Despite its phenomenal growth, Foodstuffs remains 100% New Zealand owned and operated with all profits and taxes remaining in New Zealand.
Foodstuffs franchises three supermarket chains:
New World is a full service supermarket operating in key sites in towns across the country. Pak'n Save is a food warehouse discounter. Four Square is a chain of convenience stores operating in communities through the country.

Other franchises

On the Spot are a chain of dairys which operate in the South Island. Foodstuffs also operate a wholesale operations Gilmours in the North of the North Island, Toops in the lower North Island and Trents in the South Island.
All the Foodstuffs stores stock branded products as well as their own Pam's and Budget private label products.
Foodstuffs is a 25% partner in Loyalty New Zealand Limited, the operator of Fly Buys in New Zealand, and provides benefits to customers through it.
Foodstuffs has recently managed to buy a 10% share of New Zealand's largest retailer, The Warehouse.


The first Foodstuffs co-operative was formed in Auckland in 1922. On 6 July 1922, Foodstuffs founder J Heaton Barker called together members of the Auckland Master Grocers' Association to discuss plans for the formation of a co-operative buying group. The buying group expanded in 1925 with the introduction of Four Square branding on members' stores. Similar co-operatives were set up in other parts of the country, with Wellington commencing also in 1922, Christchurch in 1928 and Dunedin in 1948. Initially the buying groups traded under different names but in 1935, the name Foodstuffs was applied to all the original co-operatives.
There have been various mergers between the small regional co-operatives, and today there are now three co-operative companies: Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd; Foodstuffs (Wellington) Co-operative Society. Ltd, and Foodstuffs South Island Ltd. Each operates independently and autonomously with its own Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and management structure. There are no common members or shareholders.
The organisation has continued to evolve, adopting supermarkets early in their evolution with the formation of the New World group in 1963. The PAK'nSAVE group evolved later and the first store was opened in Kaitaia in 1986.

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